Pink hair extensions has become a growing trend for raising money and are available at multiple beauty salons. (Photo by: Ashley T. Williams/ Towson University Student)

By: Ashley T. Williams

To jump start breast cancer awareness month, pink hair extensions were introduced for the month of October in hopes of raising money for breast cancer funds.

All over the country, salons have been offering pink hair extensions to clients with all the proceeds going towards donation. Thanks to the growing trend, advertisements and social networks, pink hair has become a craze among all ages.

“It originated for breast cancer month, but now three years later we still carry them,” said Rachel Phelan, a hair stylist. “They have gotten so popular that we even have pink hair all year-round, but of course it is more popular in October.”

October is breast cancer awareness month and the color pink has become the iconic symbol for the cancer that affects so many people. Fundraising for breast cancer has become a social movement that gets many people involved through the popularity and word-of-mouth interest that is has generated.

“A lot of the clients who are interested are younger girls, but there are a few older women that come in,” said Phelan. “Some people originally come in for the pink, but once they find out it’s for breast cancer, it’s an added bonus.”

The Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation was put together in 1982 by a woman named Nancy G. Brinker who promised her dying sister, Susan G. Komen, that she would find the cure for breast cancer. Almost 30 years later, the foundation is still going strong and has the worlds’ largest network of survivors and supporters. The foundation created the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure which is the most successful fundraiser to ever be put together. Thanks to millions of people, the foundation has raised nearly $2 billion since inception.

The foundation tries to motivate women and men to stay positive and active towards an end to breast cancer. Women are encouraged to take a stand and fight back against something that affects so many lives. A change needs to be made in the cycle of cancer and how it can affect an entire family.

Nancy is still doing everything in her power to keep her promise to her sister. However, Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure is not the only advocate for fundraising anymore. There are multiple organizations and a wide range of fundraisers that contribute efforts towards a cure.

One of the most popular ideas for raising money is the pink hair. It consists of a small section of pink hair that is applied to a person’s real hair by a tiny clamp. This pink extension can last up to several weeks and can be easily removed or reapplied. The largest consumers of pink hair extensions have been girls in elementary through high school and college. It is very common for clients to have several extensions applied at one time and knowing that it goes to donation; people see this as a good deed.

“It’s amazing to see how many parties of girls come in for the hair,” said Leah Cornblatt, a Towson University student who works at a salon. “They go crazy for it! I’ve had a few girls come in several times a week to have more put in.”

One salon in particular is widely advertised for having pink hair for breast cancer. About Faces Day Spa has been carrying the pink hair for four years and the demand keeps growing. Along with the extensions, About Faces also sells breast cancer t-shirts to raise money for donation.

“Last year our company donated about $40,000 to the American Cancer Society,” said Noelle Naughton, general manager of About Faces. “It’s surprising what a little piece of hair can do.”

Each year a new trendy fundraiser is introduced for donations. Pink hair extensions however, seems to be one of the only ones that has stayed popular throughout the years. It is a great way to introduce awareness to younger generations. This fun trend can easily get them interested as well as thinking about how it affects the entire population. It’s not just pink hair, people know it is for breast cancer donation and awareness and a little bit of acknowledgment can apparently go a long way.


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